More complete information on each of Metro Rail's planned lines is provided in this section.

Buffalo's Metro Rail was designed for 46 miles of route, reaching the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, the University at Buffalo North Campus, Niagara Falls, and the Southtowns. Currently, Buffalo's Metro Rail extends from the former D,L&W Terminal (the Metro Rail barns) to the South Campus of the University at Buffalo, a distance of 6.4 miles. The existing Metro Rail's southernmost one mile is at grade on Main Street, and the balance of the system is underground in mixed cut/cover and deep bored tunnel.

Click here for an interactive Google map of the Metro Rail lines.

Attached below is a copy of our display map that you may see at events! It shows every road and street in detail along with where the corridors and stations are located. (25MB, PDF)

[Schematic map of new Metro Rail Lines - 115K]

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