YES! Extend Metro Rail sign

Here’s Why:

  • Finally connect the 3 campuses as originally planned.
  • Stop denying city residents access to jobs and education at UB
  • Stop forcing UB students to use low capacity Stampede buses by providing fast, high capacity light rail rapid transit (LRRT)
  • Stop wasting State money running a separate transit system
  • Leverage the LRRT transit investment we already have.
  • Stop all the pollution and take advantage of Buffalo’s hydro-powered LRRT.

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CRT Treasurer Jim Gordon interviewed on WBEN Radio

CRT comments on the FTA's DEIS for the UB/Amherst Extension

CRT Comments on FTA's DEIS for Metro Rail Expansion

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Development of Audubon Amherst New Community halted by Urban Development Corporation

This excerpt from the UB Spectrum in 1972:
Image of 1972 University at Buffalo Spectrum article where then-president Robert Ketter urges the construction of rapid transit to serve the new North Campus